Get Well Soon 

Woven and printed clothing labels with dressmaker pins on canvas 88 x 72 cm.

A friend of mine died recently aged 91 years old. A former Head Mistress and a well read lady; Pat took great interest in my art practice and would ring the landline to tell me when my work was featured in the local newspaper. Following Pat’s death I was invited to visit her home to take a memory or two from any unwanted belongings. I was attracted to a pile of old cards and letters already in a recycling bag. Closer inspection uncovered wartime memorabilia, birthday cards, letters and get-well wishes from the mid fifties. There was an overwhelming amount of ‘Get Well Soon’ cards addressed to Pat, who would have been in her twenties, and she was recovering from a major operation. I was not aware of Pat’s hospital visit before this, but I know she had been happily married. Although Pat had no children of her own she was much loved as a Head Mistress by many of her young pupils and this is reflected in the Dear Teacher, thank you cards at her home. 

I have assembled this still life with clothing labels and pins to reflect the simplistic design and delicately arranged blooms illustrated on many Get Wells Soon cards found at Pat’s home. The baby and child labels reflecting Pat’s early career as a much-loved Head Mistress.  

Original available