Muhammad Ali with 61 Bouts

Woven nametapes of the 61 opponents that Ali faced in the ring including the date of each bout, also EVERLAST silk labels (The Choice of Champions), and Savile Row tailor Dege & Skinner bespoke woven labels. With dressmaker pins on canvas, 88 x 72cm. 

With such a rich personality, in and out of the boxing ring there are many great things we could celebrate about Muhammad Ali. I have presented the complete record of his boxing career through my use of woven nametapes, listing all 61 opponents that Ali faced in the ring, along with the date of each bout. The nametapes are used to build up an image of the champions face, perhaps a reminder of the individual punch attempts from challengers to knock him down.

The portrait would not be complete without the EVERLAST label, worn by Ali on many historic occasions including ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ and ‘The Thrilla in Manila’.  EVERLAST have played a necessary part in Ali’s boxing career and are thrilled to be collaborating in his incredible portrait.

I am also privileged to be collaborating with Dege & Skinner at number 10 Savile Row, their bespoke label is also included in the background of the canvas. In 1966 Muhammad Ali ordered his first bespoke suit at number 10 Savile Row with the well-known tailor Harry Helman. Helman has since sadly passed away but his legacy lives on in Dege & Skinner, as the two tailoring houses merged about 20 years ago.

Image inspired by Muhammad Ali's performance in many films including the mini-series 'Freedom Road'.

Limited Edition giclee print available please enquire via the contact page.

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Work in progress.