Liberty London


Woven and printed clothing labels with dressmaking pins on canvas 30 x 30 cm.

Ed Burstell, the Managing Director of Liberty, has commissioned ‘Yellow Bee with 96 garments’. The work will compliment ‘Red Bee with 70 garments’ and ‘Purple Bee with 83 garments’, also acquired by Ed Burstell at the time of commission.

The bee studies evolved following an invitation to attend a talk by Sandra Hart: ‘City of Bees. A look at how Bees live and work’. Sandra spoke about how hard bees have to work to pollinate plants and produce honey, also the invasive diseases that are threatening their hives and colonies. The 249 garment descriptions in Yellow Bee, Purple Bee and Red Bee form part of a larger collection of used labels that were gathered from the community during 2011.