Bromley House Library with 138 names

82cm high x 70cm wide

2016 marks the 200th Anniversary of Bromley House Library. To celebrate this wonderful achievement a contemporary artwork has been commissioned by artist Joy Pitts. Joy creates images from new and used clothing labels and more recently from woven nametapes of WWI fallen. Joy’s portfolio includes commissions for Paul Smith, Liberty and Savile Row.

Since 1816 there have been 138 members of staff at Bromley House Library including presidents, honorary secretaries, librarians and other library staff. These 138 names (along with their time in service) have been specially woven onto individual nametapes and assembled on canvas with dressmaker pins depicting the four-storey building as it stood in 1816.  The result is a personalised history of Bromley House Library over 200 years, an achievement that would not have been possible without the continued support of its members. 

Work in progress