Names of WWI fallen woven on cotton tapes and assembled with only dressmaker pins on canvas 88 x 72 cm.

This contemporary portrait was inspired by the Queen’s 2014 speech, which recalled the Christmas Truce of 1914 as well as other peaceful ends to conflict during the twenty-first century. The portrait has been constructed using the names of WWI fallen taken from a Derbyshire War Memorial; these names have been machine woven onto tapes and assembled using only dressmaker pins.

The success of creating a likeness of Queen Elizabeth II using name-tapes and pins is astonishing. The result is a thought-provoking portrait reflecting the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, her dedication to our Armed Forces, and her own contribution to serve during WWII.

The artwork took 136 hours to assemble, and used 125 grams of dressmaker pins.
Limited edition giclee print available contact

The Queens WW1 portrait has been selected from 723 entries for the 2016 Wells Art Contemporary exhibition in the magnificent surroundings of the Bishops Palace, Wells. Queen Elizabeth II will hang proudly in the Long Gallery amongst the historic portraits of past Bishops.  The portrait has previously been exhibited in Derbyshire, Nottingham, Derby Museum and by special invitation at Meyer & Mortimer, London for Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday.

Meyer & Mortimer have held a Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II since 1955, and still tailor uniforms for the Military Knights of Windsor today. With their historic connections to military uniforms since 1790, this unspoilt tailors shop in Mayfair provided the perfect site-specific environment in which to remember these World War One fallen servicemen.

Meyer & Mortimer talk to Artist Joy Pitts.
Limited Edition print available of Queen Elizabeth II contact

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