466 Woven name-tapes

130 x 130 cm
8mm and 12mm woven name-tapes style 9, 10, 15 and 17, WWI Homing Pigeon silk care label with dressmaker pins on canvas.

466 names of Ilkeston men who gave their lives in WWI have been machine woven onto individual name-tapes and pinned onto stretched canvas in the image of a pigeon. Thousands of homer pigeons lost their lives during WWI. They were used to transfer important messages and were awarded medals of heroism for saving soldiers lives.

Joseph Eaton (age 21), Henry Shaw (age 21) and Alban Eaton (age 19) served in the Sherwood Foresters, all three were lost on the Somme, July 1916. They are remembered on the Ilkeston Cenotaph and their names can be seen on the red legs of the pigeon.

With special thanks to local pigeon fancier Alwyn Hill.  Original work SOLD to a collector. 
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lottery__black copy.jpg