Autumn Beauty

With the underside of woven clothing labels and dressmaker pins on canvas 90 x 90 cm.

Van Gogh is a constant inspiration; I can relate the movement of his brush strokes to my use of individual clothing labels. In this instance I am using the reverse woven label as it captures the colour ways of the Autumn Beauty Sunflower. I have assembled the flowers in different stages of bloom by including more or less labels in each circular form; a yellow clothing label mimicking a falling petal and laying to rest on the imagined table surface. Mature blooms show the fleck of blue weave towards the outside edge of the flower, in new blooms these are towards the centre. The blue vase anchors the composition, its subtle shadow complimenting the heavy blue and orange heads. The big daisy-like flower faces have been left empty, without seeds, a comment on concerns for insect populations and the future of our planets ecology. This unoccupied space causes a pause for thought in an otherwise joyful image. 

Original available