803 Scrap clothing labels with dressmaker pins on canvas.

803 Scrap clothing labels with dressmaker pins on canvas 90 x 90 cm.
Assembled in response to John Ruskin #Ruskin200

I have pinned out 28 blooms and buds with clothing labels using colour and pattern to produce a dazzling display of Dahlias. Specific clothing label designs and dye lending themselves to flower types such as pompon, ball and decorative. The unexpected materials aim to challenge the viewer both visually and practically; perhaps new additions to their wardrobe lasting as long as a fading bloom. Ladies dress labels are almost totally disguised as petals arranged in rounds to form blooms; the garment size descriptions only revealing themselves to the viewer on closer inspection.  

Pattern on the vase has been assembled using brick shaped size labels (ladies dress size 6 and 16) in black and grey. Constructed in bands the two colours form a decorative effect similar to those found in Victorian architecture. Like Ruskin I would describe the vase as masculine, providing water and structure to the composition, while the architectural surface decoration is feminine. 

The table top is pinned out with two labels for our attention addressing politics and nature. The first presenting us with the name of Robert Banks Jenkinson, Prime Minister at the time of Ruskin’s birth, the second the name of the Blue-bordered Carpet Moth (Plemyria rubiginata). 

Original available joy@joypitts.co.uk

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