Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser have supplied a wonderful variety of size and colour woven labels for inclusion in Winston Churchill’s portrait. The largest shirt label measures 8cm long and is shown below in Churchill’s chest size 46cm. The smallest label ‘Hand Made in England’ measures just 13mm, and a selection of colours will be used for Churchill’s signature spot bow tie and blue eyes. The smaller tie labels in black, white and brown are also essential and will be used to assemble the detail on Churchill’s face, hat and cigar. I use thousands of dressmaker pins to attach woven garment labels in neat rows, the pins add depth and texture to the work giving a 3D effect. The use of dressmaking pins also reflects the process of making garments.

The work will be exhibited in London later in the year to coincide with the issue of the new five-pound note featuring Sir Winston Churchill.

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