Military Boots at Thoresby Hall 9th November 2014

Military Boots was invited to Thoresby Hall on 9th November 2014 as part of the Remembrance Day activities and Winterfest hand made artwork.

There are approximately 60 blue name tapes to be returned by Royal Mail, please complete and return to Joy as soon as possible. Work on the boots has begun and completed brown name tapes are arriving daily with 74 still to be allocated. The call out has been published to 117 Women's Institute groups across Nottinghamshire and participants are already requesting stitch packs.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far, the completed canvas will tour to several of the partner sites during 2015 (not yet confirmed).

Visit Military Boots Project at The Centre for Hidden Histories if you wish to leave a comment about the project or include any details about your family history.

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